Title of film: Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia: Fish & Trips


Principal Client: Viceland



An incredible journey through the history, chemistry and societal impacts of the world’s most extraordinary drugs. Hamilton embarks on an aquatic adventure to Reunion Island and Madagascar to investigate icthyoallyeinotoxism and a twisted history of

hallucinogenic fish.


Service Provided:  Local Producer & Camera Operator


Testimonial: Chris is a professional who fuels his work with his passion for the projects he works on and his own personal curiosity. We worked together on a story that dealt with very difficult access as well as very real dangers and Chris delivered far more than we expected. Chris is also very unique because of his high skill levels as a cinematographer, underwater videographer, drone operator and as a producer. Thanks again Chris, the whole team is looking forward to working with you again.

Danilo Parra, Senior Producer, VICELAND


Chris is easy to work with, professional, positive, fearless and trust worthy. He gets the job done! He understands the complexities of storytelling and the importance of documentary access. He handles subjects with confidence, care and sensitivity and he offers clients‚ flexibility and respect. I would recommend him for any scenario!

Randy Erica Stulberg, Senior Producer, VICELAND


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